Thoughts of 22

Varsha Bobbili

Cold Love


In a cold winter, with cushions all over I lay next to you..

With your hands around I felt warm..
Knowing, my heart would take the storm..
I’ve place my heart in a proper hand..
The bond we have, would never get disband..
At this point I’m lost in my presence..
and found in your essence..
With your touch, I turned curious..
Knowing this can’t be spurious..
Seeing you begging for me..
I knew this is what you wanna be..
With our eyes meeting..
I started sweating..
With your that wink, I turned pink..
With your one kiss, I found my bliss..
And that smile carried..
The night got buried..

In a cold winter, with cushions all over I lay next to you…

-Varsha Bobbili


A date


Without pen and paper for the first time..
I found happiness with you beside..
You waited for me for more than an hour..
I was wondering why is the distance so far..
You came back rushing when I lost my way..
I’m so badly impressed by your solicitude I can never say..
You took me to a place so fine..
Our conversations made me go to Cloud-9..
I looked into your eyes so deep..
Since then I never had proper sleep..
Thinking of you, makes my cheeks blush..
Let me tell you, you’re my new crush..
I don’t have an idea where this leads to..
This feeling is special, this is so true..
‘I am not interested in love’-I said..
Who knows what lies ahead?

-Varsha Bobbili

Unrequited Love


Everything happened like a fairy tale
I saw him that day in blue-shirt which was pale
Within no time we became friends
All I ever imagined if he had any girlfriends

We look at each other everyday and we never speak much
But our five minutes talk gives a feeling of eating chocolate fudge
Time flew by and we became best friends
But secretly wished that love begins

We started talking about life, family and wishes
Badly wanted to confess that I want to be his Mistress
That simple “Hello” was no more normal
The eye talk of us, makes my mind go floral

My silence fills his thoughts
I started writing his name everywhere with dots..
How can I miss a person so caring and gentle?
His thoughts always pops out my dimple

His absence made me realize it is Love
Will he ever know thereof?
Will this feeling remain forever?
Are we ever going to be together?

Carrying all this feelings should I propose him for Marriage?
Wish he could get to understand my love with this Message.

-Varsha Bobbili

Dear Childhood!


Oh my dear life..
Tell me how to stop the clock?
To bring back the time with one knock?

Everything changes within few seconds..
From being elated to getting into depressions..

Someone take me to that time..
back to get the feeling of alive I am..

Or to the time where I was immature..
screaming & crying whenever I visited toy store..

All of no-where I hear the echoes of my childhood..
wishing to run on grass like a kid barefoot..

Days are going on and on..
How soon did I turn thirty one?

Remembering the time he proposed me getting down on one knee..
Out of thousand people I know, I trust only three..

At times I want to leave this place..
to get rid of people with masked face..

Back those days,I succumbed myself with fears..
Today I became strong swallowing my tears..

Everyday there is so much change in this world..
Hope people would see good instead of blurred..

Trusting many people was my only mistake..
wish I had a life where I had to no longer fake..

Oh my dear life..
Tell me how to stop the clock?
To bring back the time with one knock?

-Varsha Bobbili



mother daughter bond copy

Thanks for my life..
for she to be my father’s wife..
Never have I worried much..
for having a Mother as such..
She planted all goodness in me..
which reflects in every person I meet..
She helped me live my dream..
and is always there whenever I scream..
For the person I am today..
are the efforts she put since my birthday..
I have learned life from you..
Mother! How much  I love you, you have no clue ❤ 

Wedding Cries


And you kissed me again..
this time I felt the depth of your love..
you hugged me like never before..
saying this would be the last..
you smiled while hiding your tears..
I could do nothing, than just looking..
with the way you clenched my hand..
I realised what I meant for you..
the intense look of yours..
throbbed my heart all at once..
with enough courage you let me go..
after an hour I heard you say him
“I do” as a vow..
hearing it I got crumbled on my knees..
I looked at you with a hope
that you will run calling for me..
but no soon I realised you are now Mrs.Bradley..

-Varsha Bobbili



Prayers have been answered


I remember the day I kneeled down with
Tears in my eyes
Confusion in my mind

Shiver in my body

Folding my hands tight with a heavy throat
I could barely speak with a heartache
Yet I spoke to God.

I remember how I described you to him,
I remember how I explained what I feel for you,
I remember how badly tears rolled down my cheeks.

With my pink face & lips shivering
I prayed to God.
I remember I yelled that sentence more than thrice. 

Since then I’ve never stopped thanking God.
My prayers have been answered! 

-Varsha Bobbili

Love-Loved to be Loud


I know that love is blind..
Why do I see you in everything I find..
You promised to stay forever..
But why is now,my love-never..
Every breath,every blink reminds me of you..
How is that you justified,my love is not true..
I did love you more and more..
But you dragged me to the shore..
You said that you hate lies..
Why have you never noticed the depth in my cries..
I’m getting loner day by day..
My life got crumbled by staying away..
I can’t make you stay even if I plead..
But remember,this broken heart is always going to bleed..
My heart is cut with a love-knife..
I would still take the pain saying ‘you’re my life’ 

-Varsha Bobbili

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